Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

To transform your manuscript into a published book, follow these clear steps:

  1. Submit Your Manuscript: We offer an intuitive web application designed to streamline the process. Please use this platform to upload your manuscript and create an attractive book cover. Simply follow the link to our web app to submit your book project to our editorial team:

  2. Wait for Approval: After submitting your manuscript, our team will review your work and provide feedback within 3 to 5 business days. If your manuscript is accepted, you’ll receive a publishing agreement and be paired with a dedicated editor who will guide you through the publishing process.

  3. Quality Assurance: Your assigned editor will collaborate closely with you to refine your manuscript, ensuring it meets our high-quality publishing standards.

  4. Set a Selling Price: Once your book project is ready, you and your editor will work together to determine the final selling price for your book.

  5. Distribution: Your book will be published and made available for purchase through an extensive network of global distributors. We will also initiate marketing efforts to enhance the visibility and reach of your book.

Should you have specific questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your editor or reach out to us via email at We’re committed to assisting you in the journey of bringing your book to a worldwide audience.

The non-binding and confidential review is made by considering quality, currentness of data and volume. As well, we are checking the manuscripts for whether we see a marketability for this publication or not.

We occasionally publish manuscripts from earlier years as long as the topic of the piece is not out of date.

First, you should keep your research in hand, without the need to access it on electronic devices. You may present your book at conferences, job interviews, business meetings, and eventually enlarge the circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. A book released by an international publisher definitely leaves a good impression and adds value to your academic career. Your book can be offered as a gift to relatives, colleagues and friends, who will surely be proud of your achievement. Offering a few copies to your university’s library makes your book better known among academics. Don’t forget about the financial aspect. Our authors are entitled to receive 12% royalties from the net sales revenue. Considering that the publication is free of charge and you will retain the copyright over your work, the collaboration with us brings only benefits.

We agree – before you publish your work with any publisher, it is wise to do some research and to be informed on all important aspects, but please keep in mind many successful companies deal with reputation related matters, fending off criticism on the internet. 

Our book prices start from 40 EUR. The binding selling price which is to be determined by the publishing house depends on various factors, such as the estimation of the marketable circulation, the specification and evaluation of the respective audiences, the variable production costs depending on the text volume, the project-related fixed costs, the anticipated marketing measures and the distribution channels and, more than anything, our experience. Before the book’s release, we will offer you a unique opportunity to significantly lower your book’s price on the market by purchasing copies of your book with a significant discount. Thus, a part of the production costs would be covered, enabling us to re-calculate the book’s price for the market. However, this exclusive offer is completely optional and you will still be able to purchase printed copies later on with a 15% author’s discount.

We are interested in publishing your entire manuscript, as a monograph.

You can send us your work as it is. We do not require formatting or editing work at this stage.

Of course, you can republish your work elsewhere. Authors grant us only non-exclusive commercial rights to their works. This means that they always have the right to publish parts or even their whole work with another publisher at any point in time with no restrictions. Our aim is not to limit but to widen our authors’ audience.

The weight of the paper is about 80-90g.

We work with print-on-demand technology, which means that there is no first or follow-up edition. A book is printed once there is a demand. As compared to other publishing houses, our books are available through a worldwide international network of online wholesalers and distributors who are able to deliver our books to any location, at any time and any quantity needed.

We do not want to take money from our authors as we sincerely believe that we do not need to. We are happy to publish and market a large number of high-quality works and we would like to keep it that way by applying this business mode

Publication is free of charge for our authors. There will be no cost for you.

In the publishing industry it is customary for the publishing house to determine the price of the book. Of course, all the customers expect a lower price for their books. But please bear in mind that, when it comes to pricing, we can rely on years of experience in the publishing business. As we are financed exclusively through the selling of our books, we attach great importance to an optimal balance between profitability and marketability in fixing our prices. Academic reference books in principle have a higher price level than novels. You may also compare our prices to those of other scientific publishing houses.

Besides, we offer our authors the unique opportunity to influence the market book price by acquiring a certain number of printed copies. We can offer to sell the book at a lower price if we can restore at least part of the production costs that we paid in advance as part of the publishing process, which is free of charge. Purchase however is not obligatory.

I would like to answer your question by quoting one of the most brutally honest opinions about peer review processes which was expressed a couple of years ago by Mr. Richard Smith in the Times Higher Education Ranking:

“Perhaps the biggest argument against the peer review of completed studies is that it simply isn’t needed. With the World Wide Web everything can be published, and the world can decide what’s important and what isn’t.
Peer review is supposed to be the quality assurance system for science, weeding out the scientifically unreliable and reassuring readers of journals that they can trust what they are reading.
In reality, however, it is ineffective, largely a lottery, anti-innovatory, slow, expensive, wasteful of scientific time, inefficient, easily abused, prone to bias, unable to detect fraud and irrelevant.
Scrapping peer review may sound radical, but actually by doing so we would be returning to the origins of science. Before journals existed, scientists gathered together, presented their studies and critiqued them. The web allows us to do that on a global scale.”

We totally agree with Mr. Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal – “let’s scrap peer review and return to the origins of science.”

There is no submission deadline, however, we appreciate it if you could point out an approximate manuscript submission date.

Once registered, the process of creating your book project is easy and straightforward, it can take from just a few days to a few weeks to publish your book depending if any changes are needed.  

As an author, you can publish your academic manuscript as a professionally printed book through our service, and the best part is, it’s completely free.

We cover all the production costs, including printing, binding, and distribution, so you can share your work without any financial burden.

No, you don’t need an account to start a book project. Simply use our web app to upload your manuscript and create an attractive book cover. An author account will be created for you once your book project is accepted by our editorial team. Follow this link to access our web app:

2. Manuscript

Our publication guidelines specify that books must fall within a page range of 42 to 692 pages. To ensure compliance with our technical requirements, your manuscript should have a minimum of 42 pages. If your manuscript exceeds 692 pages, it will need to be divided into two volumes to be eligible for publication. Should your manuscript not adhere to these criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are open to discussing options for expanding the content of your book or exploring ways to divide it into two volumes.

When preparing your manuscript for submission, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Minimum Font Size: Ensure a minimum font size of 10pt for tables, figures, and graphics.
  • Illustrations and Graphics Resolution: Maintain a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for illustrations and graphics.
  • Line Spacing Range: Line spacing should be between 1.15 and 1.60pt. For footnotes and illustrations, it should be at least 1.0.
  • Pagination Placement: Pagination should be continuous and centered on the top or bottom of pages.
  • Printing Color: The manuscript will be printed in black and white unless otherwise agreed with your editor.
  • Font Embedding: Fully embed font information when converting from .doc to .pdf.
  • Table of Contents: Ensure that the Table on Contents is comprehensive and accurately reflects the contents of your document.

Basically you as the author should be the one formatting the file to ensure an output just as you intended. Please format the file as described in the provided documents. You have received our formatting recommendations and requirements by email together with our contract offer. Your editor will gladly send them again, should you no longer have them. Please keep in mind that after you have uploaded the file to our online system, no content review is made whatsoever. Thus please thoroughly check your PDF file before uploading.

The book pages are printed on the front and on the back, so if you align your header e.g. only on the left side, the result would look unprofessional.

Your work has to contain a coherent, continuous, and logical pagination – and must be adjusted in the references accordingly. We also recommend to center the page numbers on the top or bottom of each page.

You can amend your work as long you do not change the quintessence. However, changes are not possible after you have finished your book project.

Like many other scientific publishing houses, we do not offer proofreading or linguistic correction in order to limit costs. The author is responsible for the content-related and linguistic quality of the work. Of course, you are free to hire an external service provider.

Your PDF file in A4 format will be printed exactly as you hand it in, however not in A4 but in a smaller format of 15 x 22 cm. We also add a four-page prefix consisting of title, legal details, ISBN, etc. to your PDF file. To ensure that your PDF file is usable for printing, we highly recommend to follow our formatting guidelines. Please feel free to contact your editor if you have any questions on this.

Please take into account that we will scale down your A4-sized PDF file to 15 x 22 cm. Thus the whole content of your file (fonts, illustrations, graphs, etc.) will be diminished. The adjustments are necessary to provide a better readability.

We are using materials of high quality to produce our books. The book format is 15 x 22 cm, and the books are produced with a softcover (Paperback). The layout is determined by the author himself, according to our formatting guidelines. The inside pages will be displayed in greyscale, the cover is printed in color, of course. Additionally, we offer color printing on specific conditions. To get detailed information about this possibility, please contact your editor.

Please submit a DIN A4 formatted PDF file. Please take into account that we are going to scale this A4 down to our 15 x 22 cm book format for printing. Thus it is important to adapt the content of your pdf file to this later diminution.

Basically, you can use any type of font you have a license for and which is available on your computer. You have a license for all fonts integrated in your operation system. If other fonts are used, the author has to ensure that he has acquired a license or that the fonts are free of charge. However, we recommend the use of Arial or Times New Roman for optimized readability and the font size for the body text of 14pt.

Please start the pagination with an odd number (as we add four title pages in front of the book, including book data, legal details, etc.) you may also use the number 5. The 1st page of your PDF will be placed on the right side of the book.

The 1st page of your PDF will be placed on the right side of the book. Please note that the preface, the table of contents, and the main text should be located on an odd page so that they appear on the right side of the book. If this is not the case, please include blank pages where needed. Please take into account that these blank pages have to be included in the page numbering, too.

The table of contents, list of figures and/or preface are usually situated at the beginning of the book, other appendixes at the end of the manuscript. But we have no strict rules regarding the order of these documents, you are free to place them at the beginning or the end of the file.

Much to our regret we have no possibility to market the book along with a CD or DVD. As an alternative, we suggest inserting a link into the book, where readers can access and download the files in question.

Our free-of-charge service includes only black-and-white printing due to additional expenses that arise from the color print. We offer now our authors an opportunity to print their books in color for a particular number of copies acquired, which is calculated taking into account the printing cost determined by the number of colored pages. In case you are interested in printing your books in color, please let your editor know in order to provide you with the prices.

No, it’s important to retain all indication of sources such as the references section. Including proper citations not only acknowledges the work of other researchers but also enhances the credibility and authority of your own research. Moreover, references allow readers to delve deeper into the sources you’ve consulted and verify the accuracy of your information.

As for the list of figures, its inclusion depends on the content of your manuscript and the presence of visual elements. If your work incorporates numerous figures, charts, or illustrations crucial for understanding your research, including a list of figures might be beneficial. However, if figures are minimal or adequately described within the text, omitting the list of figures is an option. The biography page is optional as well.

If you publish your work with us, your thesis will turn into a book/monograph upon publication. So, strictly speaking, the published book is no longer a thesis. Therefore, it should not be indicated as a “Dissertation”, “Master’s thesis”, etc. Any corresponding references in the manuscript should be eliminated accordingly, and neither should they be included in the blurb.

However, you may still mention in your biography that the book is based on your thesis.

The overall quality is high grade, and 300 dpi is considered as standard resolution for our printing partners to ensure your work is suited best for printing.

3. Registration

Automatically generated emails end up in spam folders very often or are blocked by a firewall. Please check both possibilities. Should you not find this email in your spam folder, please let your editor know and he/she will send you a new email as soon as possible.

You can change/add this information at any time in your personal account in the “My Data” section.

You registered as an author and accepted our publishing agreement. As a next step please use the login details you received by email to enter your author’s account where you may start editing your book project.

In order to create your book project, you have to add a vita, blurb, upload your manuscript, choose a cover image for your book, etc. Please follow the steps described in the online manual.

Once you are registered on our online platform, the contract enters into force, which means that both parties automatically approve it. This process doesn’t require any signatures and is a completely legal and commonly accepted procedure in E-Business.

Simply reach out to us via email, and we will be happy to help you identify and reconnect with your editor.

If you’ve initiated a book project with us, your editor has access to your project details and can quickly assist you in addressing your publishing needs.

4. Online System

The book can contain this reference, but it must be added by yourself e.g. in the short text on the cover or in the preface. The imprint will automatically contain the published date of the book.

Our standard design was created by a professional designer. The author can choose the cover picture and the author photo.

The photo must be in JPG format, 900 x 1.200 pt and 300 dpi are recommended. A standard passport / ID photo is not required. Of course, you can also upload a private photograph, this is up to you to decide.

As the creation process for our book projects is standardized, please look for a suitable picture on This picture database contains several millions of photographs and illustrations – we are sure that you will be able to find an appropriate picture.

You can upload your own cover image if you have the permission to use it commercially. However, this service is not included in the free-of-charge offer, as there are some technical costs involved. In order to cover these costs, you should guarantee us a purchase of some printed copies at attractive special conditions. You can also try to find a suitable picture from our database (, where you can choose, free-of-charge, from several thousand pictures.

These categories are required by the booksellers, therefore we are not able to insert a new one. Please choose the most suitable category for your work. We leave this decision to you because you are the expert in this subject area.

Please do not insert your academic title on the cover. Please take into account that it is not common – not even internationally – that academic titles of the author are indicated on the cover (Prof., Dr., PhD, etc.), but only the first name and last name. Mentioning the academic title can also cause problems in listing your book in the catalogs of popular online bookstores like Amazon.

Please keep in mind that the maximum allowed number of characters includes blank spaces.

No, you can change the order of the necessary steps. You can also change/edit/add data at any time until you have finished your book project.

No. You can only upload one single PDF file. A free software for merging different pdf documents together can be found here:

You can change the cover picture at any time by entering a new picture code (file number from

Before we send your book for printing you must ensure that all data provided from your side is correct. The production of your title involves high costs, therefore we need to receive a confirmation that your entered data is correct.

If you want to correct your book data after publication, we have to create new print data and exchange the data for your title in the catalogs of all our partners, which is an expensive and time-consuming task. Therefore we have to ask for a fee in case of a revision of your already published title. Of course, we charge this fee only for corrections that must be put into effect AFTER the publication of your book. Thus we highly recommend checking your book data carefully before confirming the book project.

The size of a PDF file is not important to us, just take into account that the upload can be very time-consuming for big PDF files.

The short title can only be printed on the spine if the book contains more than 100 pages – it is technically not possible to print on the spine of smaller books. In this case, the cover preview doesn’t show the short title on the spine.

We recommend PDFCreator for Windows users to create a printer-ready PDF file.
For Mac users: Please open the file in Preview, go to “Save As” (“Export” in OSX 10.7+), and select “Create Generic PDF X-3” in Quartz Filters. This file will sufficiently meet our requirements as long as fonts are embedded. Please do neither encrypt nor secure your PDF file with a password, because we will not be able to process it for print otherwise.

In case there is no possibility to enter a shorter title, as there is limited space available, we suggest dividing your title into two logical sections and inserting the part that exceeds the 70-character limit into the field reserved for the subtitle.

No, of course not. The watermark will not appear on the printed cover.

We will now create the print data for your book and forward them to our printing partners. You will receive an email once this process is finished.

5. Author's Copy

Since we offer free-of-charge publication, you receive an electronic copy of your book after publication. Offering a printed copy free of charge is not possible. We print our books on demand, that is, we do not keep stock of our titles. If we offered free copies of books to all our authors, we would not have been able to provide our publishing services at no cost. 

If you need printed copies of your book, you can place an order on our online bookstore MoreBooks! (, as an author you get significant discounts.

You can also get a free copy of your book by recommending a new author. We will send you a voucher for a free printed copy as soon as the recommended work has been published and sold at least once.

After finishing your book project you will receive a notification confirming the publication of your book. You will then be able to download the e-copy of your book (PDF file) in your author account by clicking on Projects.

The benefits of sending an electronic free copy are significant. You can e-mail the e-version of your book to journalists and institutions as a review copy and your book is digitally available everywhere. You receive your e-book at the same time as the book is published. We also offer the possibility of a free publication to unknown authors and authors of niche topics. Unlike other publishers, we do not ask our authors for “seed money” in the form of grants or compulsory purchases in order to publish a book. The concept of a free publication is only possible through the implementation of a success-based publishing strategy. Whether your book is a success or not, will be decided by the market. We think you should give your book a chance to prove itself on the book market.

6. Post-publication

As you know, our authors are responsible for ready-to-print PDF files and book covers. Your book is now already published as you confirmed that all the added information is correct. At this stage, it is possible to make changes by purchasing printed copies of your book at a significant discount or to pay a revision fee of 150 euros.

After you have submitted your manuscript, it will usually take one month for the book to be published. Of course, this depends on your involvement in your book project. As soon as all the book data is uploaded and confirmed by you, the publishing process starts. You will be informed whether your book is suitable for printing, and at which retail price it will be released on the market.

On publication, you will get the opportunity to make use of our exclusive launch offer, valid for two weeks, to order printed copies of your book. Please notice that after these two weeks, the exclusive discount is no longer available.

The short title can only be printed on the spine if the book contains more than 100 pages – it is technically not possible to print on the spine of smaller books. In this case, the short title does not appear on the spine.

Please contact your editor and he/she will gladly provide you with the cover of your book as a PDF file. The cover can also be used for marketing purposes (e.g. posters, flyers, web links, etc.). 

After finishing your book project you will receive a notification confirming the publication of your book. You can also download your e-book at any time from your author’s account under “My projects”.

You can change your personal information at any time in your account and we kindly ask you to keep them up to date. Therefore, just log in to your author’s account and go to “My data”.

We send review copies to interested journalists. They can send their request to, indicating the newspaper’s name, the journalist’s name, and his or her email address. We will be glad to provide them with a review copy of the book in PDF format.

Please send the author recommendation from your author’s account using the official form under “recommending an author”.

Once the recommended author completed the book project successfully and we have sold at least one copy of his/her book.

We publish books in different languages as German, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, etc. You may also check our official webpage

Also, you may translate your work into the desired language that you would like to publish in and then send the translated version to us.

We do not mind a further use of your work. But please be sure to read through the examination regulations of your faculty thoroughly before deciding to publish with us. It could be possible that you are only allowed to integrate unpublished parts of your BA thesis into your Master’s thesis.

The decision about whether to write a doctoral thesis or not is surely not easy to make. One important hint: Please be sure to thoroughly read through the doctoral degree regulations of your faculty before deciding to publish with us. It could be possible that you are only allowed to integrate unpublished parts of your Master’s thesis in your doctoral thesis.

We send your book’s data to Please note that other Amazon branches such as,,, etc. receive information about new titles from but decide independently which titles they import to their catalogs. Much to our regret we are not able to influence their internal procedures.

We send your book’s data to all of our distribution partners serving big and small online shops and online catalogs. We regret that the title is probably not listed in the catalog of every regional online bookshop. Please consider however that your book has an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), thus can be ordered from any bookshop worldwide!

7. Rights

Yes, as an author you grant us only the non-exclusive rights of your work, therefore we will publish, reproduce, print, distribute, and commercialize your work. In case you would like afterward to republish your work, then you have the full right to do it.

It is always good to inform your supervisor and the university about the publication just to make sure they are all ok with it. As long as your work is not funded by the university, they cannot interdict the publication, since you are the author of the work and, thus the copyright owner.

Generally speaking, you may publish with us as long as your work is published under a non-exclusive license. However, we recommend you consult the agreement you have with the other publisher or to seek the permission to republish it. Alternatively, if only parts of your work had been published before, you could simply remove the copyrighted material from the manuscript.

We are sorry, but it won’t be possible to publish your work if it has a blocking notice attached to it, as this restricts the work from being used further. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Sending manuscripts for consideration is a daily practice in the publishing industry and all publishing houses are operating the same way. The Criminal Code ensures that works sent for review are not to be used otherwise.

The confidential review of your work is guaranteed: All of our employees are legally obliged by their work contracts to treat all provided information confidentially.

In most countries, the legal copyright protects your work for up to 70 years after your death. After the expiry of this period, the work goes into the public domain and can be published and marketed by everybody.

Publishing contract runs for an indefinite period of time The contract remains valid until either party decides to terminate the publishing agreement at any time within a notice period of six months. Please note that we are only speaking about commercial rights. You as the author will of course remain the copyright holder of your work at all times.

I am sure you know that as a publishing house, we invest much time and money to produce, publish, and market your work. If it ever comes to a point of termination, we would of course regret losing you as an author. However, should you wish to terminate the publishing contract, this can be done at any point in time with a written notice of six months at no charge to the author.

Yes, of course. If for any reason we terminate the agreement, be it due to low buying interest or for other reasons such as breach of terms in Paragraph 7 of the agreement or if you choose to terminate the contract, all rights granted to us will be revoked.

The rights may be transferred to any external service provider. Without these service providers (e.g. printing companies, book distributors, marketing agencies, libraries, media bodies, journalists, content providers, database operators, book intermediaries/booksellers, etc.) no publisher could successfully publish and market a book.

This could be film rights, for example.

Please inform your interview partners about the publication and ask for written permission for the publication of the interview. There is no need to send us the permission(s), but we kindly ask you to keep them in your documentation. Should you not be able to receive permission, please delete these interview(s) from your work.

If you made your data anonymous and no conclusions to persons are possible, there is no need to ask for authorization. Should this not be the case, however, please ask the interview partners for proper authorization.

If you wish to mention your university or your thesis supervisor in your manuscript, please make sure to receive their permission.

If your information sources are open to the public if your statements are factually correct and if you have quoted correctly and permissibly, you do not have to obtain any permission. If you use inside information of a company, however, (memos, interviews, in-house documents, etc.), you will have to obtain the respective permissions.

Unfortunately, we do not provide a sample for the permission. Please take into account that a simple permission by e-mail will be suitable. There is no need to send me the permission, just keep them safely with you.

Since the publication is free of charge for you, we cannot offer capacities to check if your submitted quotations/figures are lawfully unobjectionable. Generally, two types of quotations are allowed in scientific works:

a) Small quotations: Short text parts of others’ works to back up a statement of yours. The premise for the lawfulness of this type would be to fully and correctly reference the source of the quotation.

b) Large quotations: longer text parts or figures, tables, graphs, etc. of others’ works.

The premise for the lawfulness of this type would be to fully and correctly reference the source of the quotation AND a discussion about it with regards to its content. For example: Adaption of an image of another work would only be allowed if the source is referenced and you write about the image in your text. Using the image just for illustration purposes would not be allowed and infringes the copyright of others. Please be sure to follow these rules. If you feel unsure about something, we recommend to please remove such parts from your work. It is important to make sure that your work contains proper referencing.

In this case, please make a reference to the legal trademark owner in a footnote on the page of your work where you mention the trademark for the first time.

As author, you are responsible for the content and the legal aspects of your work. It is therefore required that you request the needed permissions, graphs, or illustrations at your end if necessary.

8. Royalties

As an author you are entitled to receive 12% royalties for every sold and paid copy based on the revenue for the publisher (corresponds to the net retail price in EURO determined by the publisher minus a 50% book traders’ discount or 30% for our online book shops like
You are entitled to receive royalty payments if these royalties equal or exceed a monthly average of 50 EURO within the settlement period. For a lower average monthly amount you will receive a book voucher for the value of applicable royalties redeemable at our online book shops. Unfortunately, an accumulation over multiple settlement periods cannot be offered.

With regards to yet “unknown” authors, there is usually no standard pertaining to applicable requirements and financial benefits, since every individual case has to be judged on its own and every publisher is following its own publishing and commercialization concept. Unlike many publishers offering between 0 and 10% royalties but requiring their authors to bear initial print costs often ranging from 500 to 5,000 EUR, our publishing house provides a completely free service and offers 12% author royalties.

We put great emphasis on the fact that our titles can be ordered by as many booksellers in the world as possible. The premise for this is that we are listed in the catalogs of all major book distributors which receive a 50% commission. That is why our titles are tightly calculated. For these reasons and for fairness towards other authors’ sake we cannot propose another royalty offer. Feel free to compare our publisher’s catalog at e.g. with the ones of other publishers: volume, appearance, quality, availability, reviews, etc. are speaking for themselves.

To cover administrative and data storage costs both contract parties agree that the author’s work will become liable for royalty payments if the monthly average royalty exceeds 50 EUR during the settlement period. In case of eligibility, the author will receive the payment via bank transfer or PayPal in accordance with the selected means of payment. Should the monthly average royalty not exceed 50 EUR, the author receives a book voucher to the same value which he may freely redeem for any title produced by the publisher and by all further publishing houses within the publishing group via affiliated online shops.

Please login to your author’s account on our online platform. You can download your royalty statement from the “My payments” section. Should you have forgotten your password, please click on Forgot password.

9. Sales and Marketing

You could draw the attention of scientific magazines’ reviewers to your publication for example. Apart from this you can request a PDF of your book’s cover and use it for advertising on your own homepage or in your social networks. Should you intend to present your book on a larger scale (conference, congress, etc.), you can create an A3 poster in PDF form in your author account and download it directly. 

As soon as your book is published with us you will be notified and receive your complimentary copy in PDF form. The book will be available shortly afterward (e.g. at Amazon). We wish to publish your work as a whole in the form of a monograph. We are talking about plain printed book form only, no ebook or article. Your book data is optimized and pushed to as many catalogs (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Morebooks!, Libri, etc.) as possible. In addition, it will be offered to major distributors and wholesalers. Only if these are convinced of your work and listed it, most booksellers will be able to obtain your book in a short time for a client. Last but not least we provide review copies to requesting journalists and reviewers for a write-up.

The successful marketing of a book is a complex task. We contacted you by offering our interest in publishing your work which will be a great asset to our catalog. Further key factors in the marketing process are the title, the book cover, and the author’s portrait which we will develop. Not only do we place all this data on the printed book, but also enter and optimize it in all sorts of catalogs (e.g.,, etc.). Moreover, we will offer your book to the purchasing departments of the leading book distributors (Lightning Source, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Matthews Medical, NACSCORP, and Bertrams). Only after these book distributors will add your book to their catalogs, the whole bookselling trade can order it, within a short period of time, for the customer.

Yes, all our titles are assigned an ISBN and can thus be identified and ordered worldwide.

Publishing houses usually communicate the number of copies sold a year after publication. The sales calculation is done each year for the past year. This means, for example, that the sales calculation for a book published on 15. August 2022 will be done up to the end of August 2023. Authors receive the payment (or a voucher) for all sales performed during that period. It is very common that payment time lasts very long in the book industry. The sales statement will be available for download in the author’s private account, on the online platform. 

Of course, you may resell the copies of your book purchased from us. A positive aspect of this course of action is that you can even generate an attractive extra income thanks to the 15% discount we grant you. There are almost no limits regarding the price determination when selling your book, except in case your book is written in German and you wish to resell copies of it within Germany. In this case, you are legally bound to adhere to the book’s official selling price in Germany. There is, however, no resale price maintenance for cross-border transactions. For e.g. you can resell your purchased copies through Amazon Marketplace. To increase sales probabilities, purchased copies may be offered as “used” at a cheaper price but by doing so you would also attenuate your own earning potential.

To purchase your book with your author discount, please place your order at our official online bookstore Our goal has always been selling high quality books with the utmost care for our authors and customers.

You can also choose to resell the book at your own price afterward, thus not only generating profit but also getting to know your target audience and perhaps establishing valuable contacts.

We will gladly provide you with marketing materials (such as posters and flyers) that you can use to advertise your book. Should you be interested in this offer, please contact me and I will gladly provide you with more information on strategies you can use to promote your book.

The shipping cost calculation depends on various factors such as the distribution partner covering the country, to which the book should be shipped, the weight of the parcel, etc. In order to provide you with the shipping prices, please let us know the number of copies that you consider to purchase. You will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate delivery method for you.

Of course. We believe that cooperation with local bookstores is an important part of self-marketing and we wish to support this. Therefore, we offer cooperation opportunities for the smaller bookstores, which include attractive discounts and access to our catalog.

For further information about cooperation, please contact us at:

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