ERP Productivity Function

ERP Systems Productivity Function

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Supersymmetric and Extradimensional Beyond the Standard Model Theories

Aspects and Probes

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Meyerhold and Eisenstein

The creation of a non-realist aesthetic in revolutionary art

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Democracy, Consultation and Socio-Environmental Degradation

Diagnostic insights from the Western Sydney/Hawkesbury-Nepean Region

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Applied electrochemical methods for heterogeneous catalysis

Surface area measurements of supported metals and potentiometry of the catalyst slurry to study double layer composition

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CGs Characteristics, Severity of Stroke, Caregiver Strain and Rewards of Caregiving

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Orality-Literacy debate with special reference to selected work of S.E.K. Mqhayi

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Purgatorial time in hospitals

Time, work and health care

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Information Processing Skills:

A Study of the Summarizing Strategies Used by ESL University Students

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3 Adaptive Reuse Projects

Bowling Green, Kentucky

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