Understanding Young Adults' Learning, Thinking and Actions

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Reaching the Top of the Mountain

The Impact of Emergent Curriculum on the Practice and Self-Image of Early Childhood Educators

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What is the meaning of salvation in The Salvation Army today?

Exploring a theology of social service and holistic mission

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Washback effects of an ESL examination

The Impact of Curriculum Reform and Assessment on Teaching: The Case of the BGCSE English Curriculum in Botswana

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Improving Teachers' and Students' Nature of Science Conceptions

Using Reading and Writing Activities to Reflect on the Nature of Science

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Raising Student Achievement

The Effects of Parental Involvement and Modeling

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Virtual Expeditions Methodology

Developing and Assessing a Methodology for Web Based Virtual Expeditions

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Electronically-Interfaced Distributed Generation Units

Islanding Detection and Control

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Vitalistic Health Information Systems

A Transactional Analysis perspective of the information dynamics in the South African public health system

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