OSPF Concept in Intermodal Terminal

Analysis and Scheduling of machinery

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Growth potential of low budget independent traveler segment in Estonia

Understanding traveler needs and providing improved services

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Justice in Conflict:

The Suitability of International Justice in Conflict Resolution - The International Criminal Court in Northern Uganda

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Content-based Image Retrieval

Out of the Clutter in a Big Supermarket

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Marketing Mix and Customer Retention of Herb Coffee in Malaysia

The Impact of Marketing Mix on the Customer Retention

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Collaborative Critiquing in Online Discussions

technology-enabled social learning

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Dispute and Language Expertise

Analysis of Bilingual Couple Talk in Japanese

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Simulation of Maritime Transit Traffic

The Case of Strait of Istanbul

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Novel extraction and separation of chemotherapy drugs

Novel extraction and separation methods for determination of chemotherapy drugs simultaneously from biological matrices

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Low-to-High Frequency Free and Forced Vibration Analysis

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