Testing Effectiveness of Edu-Enterntainment Health Focused Soap-Opera

Exposure Length and Post-Discussion In Colombian Young Adults

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MIMO-Based Wireless Local Area Networks

Utilization and QoS enhancements

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Carbon Fibre Z-Pinch

Basics, Diagnostics, Experiments and Applications

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Determinants of the Size of a Monetary Policy Committee

Theory and Cross Country Evidence

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Liquid Crystalline Networks for Electroluminescent Displays

Ease of deposition of small molecules with the stability of polymers allows multi-layer photopatterned EL devices

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Stochatic Delay Difference and Differential Equations.

Stochatic Delay Difference and Differential Equations: Applications to Financial Markets

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An Efficient Implementation of High-Speed JPEG2000 Encoder/Decoder


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Therapeutic Enactment and Addiction

Therapeutic Enactment and Addiction: Investigating the Process of Recovery

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Media Convergence: Effects on the Egyptian Mobile Phone Users

Survey for Users, Content Analysis on AlWaseet advertisements and In-depth Interviews with Customer Care Experts

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Political Socialization in Hong Kong Schools

What kind of political socialization in secondary schools is needed in Hong Kong in the 21st century?

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