Diasporization and family relations

The construction of female identity in Nella Larsen''s Quicksand and Jamaica kincaid''s Lucy

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Bestimmung eines Lokalen Geoidmodells im Gebiet Freiberg

Untersuchung der Unterschiede Zwischen Geodätischen und Astronomischen Azimutbeobachtungen

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Credit Risk Modeling

With Stochastic Volatility, Jumps and Stochastic Interest Rates

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Managing Copy-and-Paste Programming

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Hepatoprotective Potential of Euphorbia hirta

A Challenge against Antitubercular Drug induced Hepatotoxicity

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With special reference to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Interrogating Race and Nation in William Faulkner

The link between ''race'' and ''nation'' in the Yoknapatawpha novels of William Faulkner

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Child Trafficking on Rise

Legal Analysis of the Main Anti-Trafficking Documents

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Process Compilation Methods For Thin Film Devices

Basic Algorithms, Recipe Generation, Flow Evaluation, and System Framework

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The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission

Towards a New Paradigm for Conflict Resolution

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