Tunable Optoelectronic Devices

Technology and applications of monoliyhically tunable lasers, filters and detectors

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The Duty to Accommodate in Employment

Applying the principles of accommodating disabilities to the accommodation of age

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Who's Got Their Hand in the Cookie Jar

Earnings Management Practices and the Ethical Implications

Julie Moffenbier - ISBN: 978-3-8383-3048-8

Affirming, Maintaining Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Perceptions on the Use of Student Evaluations for Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning a Tertiary Institution

Jennifer Hall - ISBN: 978-3-8383-3049-5

Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport in Free-Surface Flow

The case of non-cohesive, unimodal sediment transport in non-hydrostatic dam-break floods

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Digital Topographic Analysis of Cockpit Karst

A Morpho-Geological Study of the Cockpit Country, Jamaica

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Historical Examination of Education and the Law Enforcement Profession

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Cardiovascular benefits of exercise in hypertensive individuals

Differences between aerobic and resistance training on human vasculature and cardiovascular and autonomic parameters

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Open motion control architecture for humanoid robots

Study, Design, Implementation

Dmitry Kaynov - ISBN: 978-3-8383-2985-7