Integrating an European Administrative Space

Multilevel committee governance

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Cross Layer Design for Video Communications

Cross Layer Bandwidth Allocation and Delay Allocation for Video Transmission over Wireless Internet

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A Time of Change

Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Landscape Transformation and Human Presence in Southwest Coastal British Columbia, Canada

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Crossbred Cows and Food Security

A Study of Smallholder Farm Households in the Ethiopian Highlands

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Heart of the Matter

The Phillips Petroleum Company during World War II

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Deep Relations

What Psychology and Traditional Knowledge have to Teach about Living Together Sustainably

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Economic crises and stabilisation policy in emerging market economies

An inquiry into the dynamics of output

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Information Security of a Bluetooth-enabled handheld device

Information Security risks presented by mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity

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Modeling and Characterization of Traffic in Public Safety Networks

Public Safety Networks

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