B2B Electronic Marketplace Usage from the Buyer Perspective

An empirical study that explores major factors that affect B2B electronic marketplace usage: benefits, risks, purchasing situation, and readiness

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Land Cover Change Effects on Watershed Hydrology

Study Case: San Juan River Watershed, Monterrey Mexico

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The radar multiplier method

Generalized unit commitment by the radar multiplier method

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Strategy and Performance Among California''s Largest School Districts

An Exploratory Study of Strategy and Performance among Fifty-two of the Largest Unified School Districts in California

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Attention to Romantic Alternatives

Internet Daters and Traditional Daters Compared

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The Photo League

Views of Urban Life in the 1930s and 1940s

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Standard Tension Force

Tension forces in web-lashing for load securing created by a ratchet tensioner

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Knowledge sharing practices

Using IT to represent knowledge within and across projects

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Evidence for negative priming in children

Identity-based negative priming effects in typically developing children

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