First Level Fire Investigation Program

“Basic fire investigation” led by the firefighters is the prelude to the arson investigation

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Musical Aspects of the Corrido, the War on Drugs

and their Convergence in a Federal Prison

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Natural History as Dissent

Puritan Theology, Manifest Destiny, and Natural History in Thoreau''s A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

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Theory Versus Reality

A Technology Plan Revision

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Representation of Women in Post-apartheid Novels

Critical reading on the portrayal of women in post-1994 literary texts

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It''s Not Quite Like Home

A Study of Insitutionalized Seniors'' Experiences

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Decay of our cultural heritage in stone

- exemplified with deterioration rates measured by laser scanning of Swedish Bronze Age rock carvings

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Upgrading and Technical Efficiency in Kenya Garment Firms

Does Insertion in Global Value Chains Matter?

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Subjective Well-Being

A Ukrainian Case Study

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Bio inspired adaptive control of nonlinear systems

Adaptive control for systems with unknown control laws

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