Demographics and Initial Interview

Integrated professionals

Zhang Ke - ISBN: 978-3-8383-4143-9

Teachers'' Construction of Space and Place

School Architectural Design as a Context of Teachers'' Work

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Enhancing attractiveness of the wood industry among young people

A study from relational perspective

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Understanding the growth of epitaxial InAs/GaAs nanowires

using Electron Microscopy - for future nano-optoelectronics

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Power Systems Modeling and Control Coordination

Steady-State Operating Mode with FACTS Devices

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Impression Formation as Category Application

The Attribute-oriented Approach

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The chicken pituitary-specific transcription factor pit-1

molecular cloning and the involvement in the hypothalamic regulation of pituitary hormones

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A new approach for wire antennas design

Problem formulation and numerical implementation of Galerkin MoM embedded in a Particle Swarm Optimization process

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Optical characterization of novel PDLC systems

Thermo- and Electro-Optical Analysis of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal systems

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Efficient and Scalable Cache Coherence for Chip Multiprocessors

Novel proposals for managing cache coherence in future many-core chip multiprocessors

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